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    I am speaking to those members who work in the Health & Social Care Sector in Adelaide. I have vast amounts of experience and qualifications within Health & Social Care. I am Care Manager of young adults with Muscular Dtstrophy, but I also provide Health & Social Training on behalf of many private training companies, colleges and care companies as well as an external moderator of Health & Social Care exam papers. In the UK we have a lot of mandatory training courses we have to complete so we can gain a suitable job in Care, for instance: Moving & Handling, Infection Control, Safe Handling of Medicines, SOVA, Equality & Diversity, Dementia Awareness, First Aid and Health & Safety, etc. I can teach/train all carers on these topics.


    Is this the same in Adelaide?


    In addition almost all these courses now include keys skills, namely literacy and numeracy skills, because the UK government want to target those people who need improve their general education.


    To work in Care in Adelaide do you have to complete similar courses?

    Is key skills an issue in Adealide?

    I would like to work as an Health & Social Trainer once I have emigrated to Adelaide. Is the Health & Social Care legislation different and are their mandatory training courses care companies must provide.


    If not - do you think that this is a market I could start up once I have emigrated to Adelaide.

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    Hi Tony,


    I am in a similar position have been on lots of training courses the ones you have mentioned above, also have BTEC in Social Care, NVQ, Degree etc and have done a lot of work in PCP which i am sure you will know is now huge over here, which i wouldn't have minded getting more involved in once over there.


    However after speaking to my friend who has had two jobs in care in Perth she has told me they are so far behind, the Moving and Handling is ancient and she nearly ended up having an argument with the trainer as they were going through techniques which were that old could have been damaging to her back. She got told this is how we do it here. She has now left and got a job in a day service for people with Learning Disabilities. She said the job was so easy as they told her the clients had challenging behaviour she said shouting was about the extent of it.


    Training courses weren't mentioned that is not to say they wouldn't have put her on any in the future, and they hadn't even heard of PCP. they didn't know what protocols or Risk Assesment's were and when my friend asked where do we record and document things? She got told on a piece of paper and put it in their file. She could not believe it. She has left now due to OH job and having to move to QL.


    I am not sure about other courses maybe people who are working in care at the moment will be able to help. Other places maybe more on the ball, she may just have been unlucky, but just thought i would share my friends experiences.


    Good luck


    Jo x:)

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    I was quite surprised with your friends experience in the Oz care sector, as you probably aware there are companies who don't always come upto to scratch regarding adequate training and working conditions either in Oz and even here in the UK. Maybe with our experiences, skills, knowledge and qualifications we may have a better chance of gaining employment in this sector once we have emigrated, (wishful hinking). But knowing our luck we probably will not gain suitable employment because the heads of the care companies may feel threatened by us.


    Away from this subject I am originally from Burnley and when I was a kid we use to travel to Chorley Market, what an experience lol.

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    If your looking for 10 pork chops for a pound, or fake makeup and perfume that makes you itch then Chorley market is the place to go:biglaugh:


    Think you could be right though regarding employers feeling threatened, my friend did say that when she suggested ideas they weren't welcomed. So if you are looking for a job in care i think there are plenty out there and i think especially with the qualifications we have, having said that from what i have read on here it's not always that easy. I think it will be difficult though as my friend put it "going back in time" and having to adapt to there way of doing things when you know there is a quicker and more efficient way of doing something.


    I suppose you have to see it as a challenge and something new and if you are looking for a higher position then adapting to the way they do things initially and then maybe once you get your foot in the door suggest ideas then. Hopefully we will get some advice and opinions from people already working over there in the care sector.


    Cheers Jo:)

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