Hallett Cove dentists...which one to use

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    I need a check up, clean and possible first filling :( (have done pretty well though to have reached 35 without any).


    Am worried about the cost of treatment, would be grateful of recommendations for dentists in Hallett Cove and surrounds who don't charge a fortune but are also good.


    Thanks guys. :)

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    Hi i go to hallett cove dentists on ramrod ave behind the new woolies

    i see mayuri sahgal shes really good but prices are high as all dentists

    are over here oh goes to marion and pays similar.

    My last filling was about 140 dollars ,with a clean and polish would be around

    200 dollars if my memory serves me right

    good luck hope this helps

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    Guest sarahsmartiepants

    The 4 of us went to the dentist on the corner of ramrod and zwerner.

    I am getting over the hill and havent had a filling, I need one, hubby needed a couple and son needed 3 I think, daughter nothing!(they have no fillingd either at 17 and 20).

    We used it as it was medibank direct one (which means as medibank members we get 2 free check ups and cleans a yr).

    I wasnt happy with what they told us so I went to southside dental practice (main south at mor Vale, by the big national phamacy, opp golo)

    Guess what none of us needed anything there, and we all got fisure sealed in with the check up and clean.


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    Dentists here are very expensive,so i would not just look around Hallet Cove,but go on recommendations,even if it means travelling for treatment.As someone else on here said,its big business here,and someones got to finance the Dentists next Porshe/exotic holiday.

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