Cheap pre-paid postcards worldwide $1.50

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    Hi after seeing the thread yesterday about last chance to pick up discounted Adelaide fesival tickets yesterday at the postoffice I went charging down to ours while I was waiting to buy some tickets I saw a whole load of different postcards for sale all for $1.50 lovely postcards some with animals some with views etc I turned it over and saw it was pre-paid to anywhere in the world. I thought this was fantastic I have spent up to $5 on a postcard from here and then $2.10 for postage in the past. This is postcard and postage all for the bargin price of $1.50.


    Do like my bargins


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    Guest katsmajic

    The post (office) does those post cards too. Limited variety but still good cards and cheap enough.


    doh just read you wrote post office lol

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