Building an extension - help!!

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    Hi everyone,


    We are considering putting in an offer on a property in Hallett Cove, but it needs extending if it's going to be suitable for us. We have no idea how much it will cost and need to figure this out so we can calculate what we can offer and if it is affordable. We have had a brief quote over the phone at $50k - this seems expensive to me when you can get a whole house done for under $150k! And he didn't even ask the size so I'm not really convinced. It would basically be around 20 sqm with 2 external walls (it's joining 2 sections of the house to make one big living area). The land is flat and there is access for machinery etc. Can anyone help with a ballpark figure?


    Also, 3 windows need replacing - has anyone had this done over here? How much was it?


    The property game is such a minefield! Thanks in advance,


    Jo xxx

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    Hi Jo,


    We had a rumpus built four years ago and it ended up costing us @$25k.


    That figure includes the cost of the slab ($5k), the ground surveys, planning costs,plumbing for a new toilet, knocking through and dismantling the 'old' toilet (it became the corridor joining the two builds), two windows and a double sliding door/ fly screens (basic but!),but not electrical or tiling costs.


    It isn't brick, but looks fine on the outside and perfect on the inside. The whole thing is about 12m x 9m, although I'm guessing by counting the amount of three-seater sofas I can fit along the wall lol! I can't remember the company name off-hand but they were one of those that have displays of sheds/carports etc outside! I can rack my brains further if you do want their name though.


    I'm sure they would give you an approximate price if you were to ask, then you can factor it in before deciding on the house?



    :wubclub: LC

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