Anne B

Got my Permanent Res Spouse Visa !!

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    Just checked the emails only to find I have been granted my spouse visa!! Very quick as they only received my medical results yesterday!!!


    After 15 years of marriage, having 2 children with Australian citizenship and having had permanent residency before I kind of hoped it wouldn't take too long. Because I've lived outside Australia for the past 12 years my chances of getting another Resident Return Visa were slim so I had to do it all again and apply for a Spouse Visa.


    It's a big relief and one less obstacle to getting over there. Just got to exchange contracts on the house sale and we can open that bottle of champagne!!!:jiggy:

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    Guest Admar72

    Hi Anne B,


    Wow that is quick good luck on your house sale and congratulations hope all goes well

    Best of luck Adam & Maria


    VISA GRANTED 11/09/09

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