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    We have just moved about 1.5 km down the road from Seacombe Gardens to South Brighton,and have a week left with Adam internet,s 1500 Super deal in our old house,which is ADSL 40 GIG PM for 60 dollars PM,through our soon to be terminated Telstra line.Its been superb ,but we are not having a landline/house phone in our new Rental,which is an established home,with phone connection ready if required .The chap at Adam said something about naked dsl,twice as expensive,but not requiring our present set up.Does anyone know anything about Naked dsl?Thanks,Sue.

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    Hi Sue.


    If you're not after a landline phone then "Naked" DSL is probably the ideal product. Naked DSL is basically a DSL-only service which means you don't pay the monthly service charge associated with standard ADSL and, subsequently, don't have a traditional landline phone service. Adam and Internode are both popular choices for Naked DSL and have services starting from arounf $50/month.


    Should you decide you need a phone service later on you can pick up a VOIP (voice over ip) phone service, often offered by whichever ISP you choose.



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