Disaster strikes

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    Just wanted to check im correct with my understanding of the 175 application. I have just stared to do my checklist for my 175 application, when it has suddenly dawned that the points i thought we were eligable for....... have now realised we arent! Hence we havent got enough to apply!!!! :sad:

    I have increased my hours from 19 per week( for the last 6.5 yrs), to 20+ hours for the last 49 weeks, in anticipation of getting my work exerience in for past 12 months at 20 hrs per week. I thought we were eligable to apply 3.10.09.(

    Have passed positive skills assessment.

    Have sat my IELTS last week for extra point- awaiting results.(125 points or so i thought)

    I am 42 so no spring chicken im afraid and so get few point for age.

    I thought i was eligable for points for ' specific work experience', as my trade as a nurse is on SOL. BUT now see i need to work 3 out of 4 years at 20 hrs per week, and ive only done nearly 1 year.( so only got 115 points now)

    I cant see any way getting round it, except applying for state sponsorhip 176 visa( as i only need 100 points then).

    Am i miss reading this or am i correct?

    We are applying independently ( without agent), as moneys in short supply.

    State sponsership seems a lot of paperwork,if not necessary, in comparison to the 175. Now im all panicky thinking if we dont get sponsorship........were sunk before weve really got started.

    Sorry for the long post. i just want to be sure im understanding this correctly

    Donna :nah:

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    Guest TraceyT


    My advice is to go with a state sponsorship, it has priority processing and should be quicker. The paperwork work wasn't too bad. The point limit is lower for sponsored too, so you should be ok.

    Good luck

    Tracey x

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    We are on a 475 (provisional) which is a 3yr visa, sponsored by the state. You have more points than we did. The state sponsorship is not too much hassle at all. Its some online forms and then certified copies of things you'll need again for the actual visa application anyway. It's quite a quick turnaround for applications and if it means its the only way of getting here, what option do you have?? I'm not sure what the visa is for permanent state sponsorship, but on the 475 if you work full time for 12 mths and live in a specified regional area (i.e. Adelaide!) for 2 yrs then you are eligible to apply for a permanent visa. That's our plan! We had no other way of getting here as hubby's job is not so much in demand. xxx

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    Guest ems

    Hi Donna.

    Defo go for state sponsorship, if not for the points then for the length of time it takes to get the 175, the way things are at the mo you could be looking at waiting 18 months - 2 yrs for it. Have a look at the subclass 176 visa, that is the state sponsorship PR visa.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make.

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    Unless I'm missing something that's hardly 'disaster'. Loads of migrants have to go the state sponsorship route, as did we. Of all the hurdles, that was one of the lower ones.


    You've upped your hours, passed your skills assessment, done the IELTS - the SS will be a breeze.



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    Thanks all for that.

    I think i was just panicking last night when i realised that i had miscalculated our points and the last 12 months had been based on that. I went into disaster mode.

    It looks like we are gonna apply for state sponsership. Id best start getting together my stuff for that now.

    Can someone just comfirm that i am eligable for state sponsorship based on my working hours. I do over 20hrs for the past ( almost) a year, but only 19 prior to this. i am interpreting that i am eligable, but can someone confirm this. My heads gone into melt down mode!. lol


    Thanks all for your support


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