TRA - dont give up

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    Just wanted to let you know as not been on the site for ages, we had our first TRA turned down in the Spring last year.


    After many months of re-submitting, getting additional info we finally changed the Job Code to my OT current job even though only been in it for 4 years but we managed to tie it into his old job. Even though our agents didnt give out much hope we were successful.


    We now have SA sponsorship and the visa is in.


    Cant wait, now just got to sell the house

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    Fantastic news Andi well done I know it can be hard our journey has been going on since Jan 07 we had all sorts off set backs but we have now booked our flights for 22.11.09 and we carnt wait to get there and get sorted.


    Time will drag and there will be times when you think its time to give up. DONT!! Just when you least expect it you will get your visas. I checked everyday the visa status and then gave up and the next thing we had a call from the agent to say we had our visa.


    Keep your chin up, believe it will happen..

    Regards Janine:)

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