Guest mrtension

How can i start farming?

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    Guest mrtension

    hi everybody,

    i am coming to Australia on 176 visa,i need some information if someone can provide me,i heard that in Australia government give you too many facilities if someone wants to do farming,actually i don't know anything about farming but i want to do some studies first and then can i do farming and does government will help me,i am going to South Australia,is there are farming or not,

    please give me advice


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    Guest Guest75

    Hiya Mr T


    Yes,there is farming here but the industry has done it tough due to the drought.

    There are a lot less concessions and govt handouts here.


    I really would not know where you'd start.


    You certainly need experience and should try it out.

    Depends what area you want to go into.

    I'd reckon casual jobs will be hard to find at present.


    The outlying farms (outback) are called stations.They are HUGE!

    An Aussie friend has worked on some - on one he had to set off on his motorbike to check the fences around the station - it took him a MONTH!


    South of the city there is dairy farming here on the peninsular.


    You might want to contact TAFE as I know they run agricultural courses and could give you some advise.



    The Stock Journal will interest you as well.....




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    I am married to a South Australian farmer, fourth generation. We grow barley and wheat and used to have sheep and pigs. I can honestly say, that except for some interest relief in times of severe and prolonged drought, we have never received any financial help or subsidy from the Australian Govt.

    We do receive some concessions on purchase of plant and machinery, which are available to all small business owners in the way of accelerated depreciation. They also allow us to "average" our income to take account of the variations in income from year to year.

    It would be almost impossible to start farming independently with a large capital outlay, but certainly farmers are always on the look out for enthusiatic workers. Contact South Australian Farmers Federation and they would be able to help with both ways you can get training and experience working on farms.

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    Guest jothefw

    Hi Mr Tension - I've responded to your post on Expats as well but to double up ... do harvest work, back packing style for a while and see what you like. Opposite to what people believe there is casual work out there - if you're prepared to work!


    If you've something specific then obviously there will be industry bodies that can help with advice but not funding! Good luck.

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