Guest Stacey & Bill

HGV class 1 tipper driver ?

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    Guest Stacey & Bill

    hi, my wife and i are looking to emigrate to adelaide and i was wanting to know if anyone could give me any information about a job as a HGV driver please.

    Do they use the class system in aus like they do in uk? (ie class 1)

    what are the wages like?

    will i need to resit a HGV test? I know you need to sit a theory test for a car.

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    Guest kangomik

    you need to re sit, and their are different licences. Your experience may help but you will need certain licences or time behind the wheel before you get a B Double licence.


    I think its about $1000 for a licence.

    There are different rules and regs regarding driving hours etc also.


    Loads of work in this buisness normally, all depends how far you want to drive.

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