Query on State sponsorship questions

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    Hi everyone:wubclub:, i need some info please.

    Can anyone tell me if the questions on the state sponshorship application are the same for all professions?


    I have been researching what everyone has said they put in their applications from previous posts. Just when i thought i had got my head around it...... now im not so sure.


    The 1st question asked is ' Please detail what sort of research you conducted and your understanding and own analysis of the employement prospects and oppertunities that may exist for you in South Australia'. Everyone seems to be writing about what they can bring to SA , the future industry in SA history of SA etc and about employement.. Im not sure if im misenterpreting the question, or if its recently changed, or if every proffesion has a different question. To me the questions seems to be aimed soley around employment.

    Does the 'and oppertunities' bit mean anything else you might want to add? Help!


    The 2nd question asks 'What are the licensing and registration requirements for your nominated occupation of registered nurse including what if any further training tou will require' . I feel able to answer this without to many concerns.


    The 1st question has just thrown me and i dont want to plough headlong into an answer that doesnt seem appropriate( but is what most others have replied), without 1st trying to get some guidance.


    Sorry if its a daft thing to ask, but getting state sponsorship is dire to our application. I dont want to make a big mistake and have to reapply again. What with the new timelines, time is of an essence.


    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance



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    Guest vicbob



    I dont think you need to read too deeply into it TBH. I just listed websites i had been on and specific jobs in my area that were available at the time, plus others that i could do. I also listed similar companies that were in the same field of work which were based in SA. Obviously if you have anything specific to yourself then add it, i'm sure our agent "tweaked" my rough draft a bit, but i did keep it pretty simple.


    Good luck

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    Guest asbo al

    hi donna my oh and i have just made the decision to go for adelaide.she is a nurse too can you tell us how difficult your ielts was and can you shed some light on the anmc application.

    you also say skills assessment received is that youve past it, or a date to do it.


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    From what i understand (have got state sponsorship) they are making sure you have looked into the available employment in the area and are prepaired to work in a similar role or any type of work to start with. Use the net to look into available jobs in your field and mention these types of jobs and where they are advertised. I think they want to make sure you are prepaired and have done your research. Good luck

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