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    Guest seekingsunshine



    Sorry to sound a bit thick but back in the UK i had a wireless router which i could connect a number of utilities to eg pc's laptops x-box 360 etc,


    question 1,

    do they do this here? have read a few isp's and i'm getting confused with wireless3g? is this the same as i had back home or totally different?


    question 2,

    do i need to purchase a wireless router or will this come with my pack from my isp? (whoever i choose to go with?)


    Really sorry if this is a repeated post just need to understand it a little better.



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    Guest Zako999


    if someone doesnt answer oyur question on here, your best bet is to phone one of the isp's and explain to them and they will give u a yes or no :)

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    Guest Pom2Be

    Hi there,


    Yes, wireless broadband is available in Adelaide. Wireless 3G is a different story, different technology. It's the same difference between GSM mobiles and 3G mobiles which can be confusing as both are wireless and basically do the same thing.

    You can bring your own modem when you signup with an ISP or take their offer.


    Couple of things you need to know:

    - when you bring your own modem they charge you a bit of money but best to check with ISPs

    - wireless is a tricky one. You can move around obviously but if you go outside the ISP's coverage area you will be charged a fortune, because the signal will have to cross over to another carrier's network and that's a killer.


    I have a 3G wireless for work and I dare not say how much it costs when you are outside the main area, the only indication being a LED that instead of blue turns green or similar which is very hard to notice.


    Anyway, best to talk to ISPs in Adelaide, some big names in the business:

    - Telstra



    - Adam



    See their offers, ask questions in regards to your own modem, monthly allowances, speed and prices and that should be helpful.



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    They do do wireless routers here that connect to everything from pc's to xbox with one interent connection....and most isps will offer a free one if you sign up to a contract, usually for 2 years.


    Wireless 3G connects the same as a mobile phone does to the internet via a usb stick straight into your pc/.laptop......but you may not got fast speeds or a high download limit. They are good for a temporary thing until you get a proper telephone connection.


    The confusing thing is some isp's now have routers for wireless 3G!!!


    As said above, have a look at all isps (i am with!!



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