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Guest forbess

23rd september changes

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    Guest forbess

    Hi everyone

    Just trying to get a feel for where the DIAC are with processing, if there is anyone that is " neither nominated nor sponsored but whose nominated occupation is listed on the CSL" (4th on the list) and has been allocated a case officer since the changes in priority processing it would be great to know more.

    I hope this will be useful for others who have been affected by the recent changes.

    Thanks all

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    Guest RazandKaz


    This is my firt post, so I hope that I am doing it correctly.....

    In answer to your question I have submitted a 175 application and had no correspondence (other than update on website) and I have no case officer yet. I have no agent and am unsure whether I should be chasing DIAC??


    My timeline:

    Skills Assess 16/4/09

    IELTS AV 8.5 30/4/09

    175 Submitted 16/5/09 (2211-11 Accountant)


    I assumed I would not hear anything for a few more months, so was interested in the post about May Visas being looked at?


    Querying whether to switch to a 176 State Sponsored.


    Interested to read anyone else's thoughts/experiences.


    Fingers crossed for quick resolution.



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