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    Hi all,

    We're moving to Coromandel Valley soon, just wondered if anybody here lives in that area? Can you recommend club/s/activities for a 6yr old girl n 10 yr old boy?


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    Guest ReadyPenny

    Hi guys


    Yes we are in Coro, don't know about the activities really though. Blackwood scouts is in Coro and they take boys and girls, the Rec centre in Blackwood does sports and roller skating on a Sunday afternoon, blades can be hired from them, it's cheap too $6 per person including the blades. There are singing/dancing lessons in Blackwood too, not sure about anything else.


    Lovely area, Blackwood is great for shopping, all 3 supermarkets are there, you can pretty much get everything you need without going to Marion or the City or anywhere.


    Good luck with the move and shout up if you fancy a brew or a beer!!! Work all week but free evenings and weekends.



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