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Guest mumoftwo

Primary school help - Brighton

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    Guest mumoftwo

    Hi can anyone help me please?


    We are coming out to Adelaide next year and have two children aged 7 and 9 and we are looking for a good primary school in the Brighton area.


    We have been told that one of the better (public) senior schools in the Adelaide area is Brighton High and thinking with an 'English head on' wondered which (if any) of the primary schools are feeders to this school? or is the Brighton High intake purely on geography? if so where do we need to live? or something else ? etc etc


    In the UK we live in Dorset, also near the sea and my son goes to a fantastic yet large public infants school (120 kids in each year) and my daughter a similar sized junior school. Not sure if this will help but both kids are very sporty (tennis, swimming and my son BMX)


    I am happy to make and learn by our mistakes when we arrive but I want to make sure as far as possible we make the right moves with the kids schooling to give them a bit of stability, and the best chance to settle and make new friends. If the kids are happy everythng else can kinda fit round that!


    Any advice or pointers welcome please. Or if anyone knows of any other good schools (primary to secondary) please feel free to chuck them in the pot - At present we are open to suggestions:biglaugh:


    Thank you ................................................ x

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