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The Marriage of Figaro - see it quick!

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    Probably last chance to see this great Adelaide film this week - here's the email I received about it:


    "I can recommend this movie. Filmed entirely in Adelaide with local actors. It's sweet, funny and by seeing it you will be supporting our local film industry.

    Notes below are from Tim Sexton who wrote the music for the film.


    Hi there,


    Tim Sexton here. Please take a couple of minutes to read this as it is something which is very important to me!


    I have a small favour to ask - one that I can guarantee you will enjoy! And it will only cost you the price of a movie ticket.


    Last year, I wrote the film score (recorded by members of the Adelaide Art Orchestra) for the locally produced movie The Marriage of Figaro, about a piano-tuning bikie called Reginald Figaro who tries to do the right thing and marry his long time partner (and mother of his two children). Of course it all goes awry and the litany of disasters is absolutely hilarious.

    All this in the very recognisable backdrop of Adelaide and the hills.


    The film has been created and produced here in Adelaide by ABC cinematographer Chris Moon and Peta Astbury.

    The movie has had a number of small screenings, including at this year's Adelaide Film Festival, where it sold out.


    The cast features a number of well known Adelaide actors, but all who worked on the movie did so on a deferred payment basis (as many independent films do). Which means the movie needs to make a profit for the cast and crew to be paid. (That's how much we all believe in the quality of this movie!!!) But more importantly, it needs to have inital local success to be screened further afield.


    This is where you come in. Wallis Cinemas (Mitcham and Mt. Barker) have very kindly come on board this week to help us compete against the big boys (i.e. Hollywood). If we can break that magical $10K barrier, then the movie will get written up successfully in the national film press and go on to screen in other cinemas around the country. From there? Who knows! However, if it doesn't reach that target, then we lose the chance forever.



    Only in last week's press, people were commenting that Australian movies weren't doing very well because they have become so dark and serious. The Marriage of Figaro is the answer! It is a very funny movie (MUCH funnier than Charlie and Boots!!!) and is filled with all that old fashioned Australian humour that has been disappearing from our screens in the onlsaught of overseas movies.


    So please find an afternoon or an evening to support a really good local film, and have a great laugh in the process. Better still - grab a few friends and make an evening of it!


    There'll be a review from Evan Williams in this Saturday's Australian. I understand Stan James went to see it too and really liked it. Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton are doing something on it too on their movie show next week. And if you want to check out a couple of other really good reviews, visit <> <>"

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    Guest cazzie

    Hi Di,

    I read about this film in the Advertiser and it sounds great. I'm sure it said that the film will be on at the Noarlunga and Semaphore cinemas too. Will look out for it and definitely go and see it. Anyone reading this, I highly recommend going to see the Tarantino film 'Inglourious Basterds' too.

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