Amazing news: House sold for cash and wife gained a job!!!

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    Jane my wife had a telephone job interview with Shaun Gillespie the Director of Nursing at the Calvary North Hospital, this morning at 06.30 a.m. Jane has got the job. Working on the 26 Bed Oncology Ward there. The best thing about it is that they are willing to train Jane up to be an Enrolled Nurse, then an optional opportunity to train for RGN. We are overwhelmed with this opportunity and I am ever so proud of my wife. She has worked as a healthcare assistant for 16 years now and always dreamt to be a Nurse, but because of having children and the expense for the Nurse training, she has never managed it. I have gained the actual visa and have the vast amounts of experience and qualifications, so we took it for granted that I will gain suitable employment and Jane will find a part-time job eventually. Then this happens. I have also got my interview with Alex Edwards-Brown the Director of Nursing for the Glenside Campus Hospital, sometime next week, I am very confident in gaining a job through him.


    In addition, I had a viewing for my house on Tuesday and the guy telephoned me yesterday and said to me that he will come and see me today at 1pm today and that he wants me to tell him a price for my house and with everything to go with it, the furniture - the all lot. Also we have agreed not to go through the estate agent, thus saving me £3k in fees. The best part is, he is going to give me cash in the hand, obviously through solicitors.


    I am currently waiting for an operation for Hiatus Hernia, because I am in major pain. I am now considering paying for a private consultation and this consultant referring me for the operation, too see if this can speed things up, but it will have to be on the NHS. However I have now decided to still come to Adelaide if I dont suceed with my operation before Xmas and see if I can have it in Adelaide.


    All this has happened in the last few days, bloody hell we have hit the ground running and Wow! We are going to enjoy the ride. Jane's job starts in January, our house sold today and move out by end of October. Spend Xmas with my family in Burnley, Lancashire and also Jane's family in Leicester and then fly out late December/early January, bye bye freezing Newcastle upon Tyne. Hello Summer in Adelaide.


    After I have spoken to the guy who is buying my house today I will then search for flights and once I have booked them I will then apply for AOA via South Australia Government. Need to sort out removals, just to take our clothes and odds and sods.


    Right you readers: Need your help/assistance (join our ride). lol.




    1. What are the best area's to reside/live, which will be near Calvary North Hospital and Glenside Campus Hospital as well as near the CBD, transport links, the beach and just as important we have kids at 21 (lad), 17 (girl) and 11(girl) so we need somewhere lively (entertainment wise), for them to enjoy. More urgently is to provide us with some places where there are community houses are, so we can at least request certain areas for our AOA. Nothing wrong with just requesting on the application form for AOA.


    1.5 Also friends please, especially for my kids, Love BBq's if anyone is having any (hint hint)., thats for the oldies, lol.


    2. The best places to look for cheap flights to Adelaide.


    3. Removal companies, must admit thinking of John Mason. However through Moneycorp they have a removal company, which we get a discount and its only three miles away from my current home.


    4. Because AOA is not certain, what is the best option for a back-up plan regarding suitable accommodation. Is there any problems if I arrange alternative accommodation and then cancel it at th every last minute due to gaing AOA. I would fancy a caravan park for a back-up.


    WE ARE SO HAPPY !!!!!

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    Guest caoimhe

    Brilliant news Tony, Jane securing a job before you get here is a big worry off your shoulders and selling the house is another.

    Hope everything continues to work out for you all and good luck with your interview and move

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    When you speak to Alex for your interview ask where you will be located because, even though you may be employed by Glenside you could be at Woodville at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital(TQEH), or in Elizabeth at the Lyell Mcewin Hospital (LMH), or the Royal Adelaide(RAH), even James Nash or Oakden. That way you will know where to look for rentals etc

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    Guest allie

    Congratulations!! It all seems to be falling into place for you :D Well done to you wife - getting a kob orh is a massive boost! Good luck with your interview next week:)


    Ok, questions!


    1) Glenelg, henley beach and surrounding areas are pretty lively, have quieter areas and are close to both the beach and CBD. Google map it and work from there.


    1.5) You will meet loads of people here and there are no shortage of bbqs!


    2) Not sure abou the cheapest flights but can highly reccommend Singapore Airlines - they were excellent!


    3) Not sure as our shipping hasnt arrived yet! Britania have been good so far but will see how it goes when it arrives!


    4) There are companies who do short term lets that afully furnished but im ot su that they would be py about last min cancellations. There is a holiday park at marion and some serviced apartments in Hiney st that you could look into.


    Hope everything else goes smoothly!

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    Guest thekings

    Congratulations to the both of you :notworthy:


    How did you investigate the nursing jobs?? I will be actively job seeking for a theatre/anaesthetic nurse post in the next few months :confused:

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