SORRY 887 again!!!

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    We are applying for our 887 in a few weeks and I have looked for the answer to these questions and its probably very obvious but I still cant find it therefore can anyone help out please??

    1. Do we need to have medicals done again. Our medicals were done in the UK in May 2007.
    2. How do I prove that I have worked full time if I am self employed??
    3. Do I need to get ALL my documnets witnessed by a JP even though they were all done in the UK for the original 495 application??
    4. I intend to apply on line and will upload my documents therefore is point 3 necessary??

    We have already applied for our federal police checks, is there anything else I need to know.


    Grateful thanks to those who have done their application and are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with me.


    Many Many Thanks in advance for your help

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    Guest paopaotook

    hi, you dont need to have medical done until you are asked to do so, as well if you're going to upload all the document with colors then you dont need to have them certified. sorry for the other part as I dont know how to get it yourself proved as a full time worker.

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