Fingers crossed!

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    Well all we have left to do now is to sell the house. Finally got the for sale sign up on wednesday but deep down i have a feeling that this is the wrong time of year to be doing this (naff weather etc) but hey ho hopefully all will go to plan and should be out there next year:)


    By the way anyone recommend PSS Removals or Anglo Pacific?

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    Guest thekings

    Hi, well we put our house up for sale in September and it sold 2 weeks later.


    We are going with Anglo Pacific, not the cheapest but seem to have a good reputation.


    Good luck with the house sale, dont be afraid to tell buyers why you are selling it actually works in your favour it did with us, no chain and because we said we are not going till next year meant that they didnt put in an unrealistic offer thinking we were desperate.

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