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John Browning

brewing beer

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    Don't worry-I'm not selling anything...I'm just a keen amateur when it comes to brewing, and enjoying a beer or a whisky.


    (-I make my living from Occupational Therapy and Field Support for the Engineering Industry)


    from recollection when i came to Adelaide 30 years ago, there was hardly any decent beer or whisky around, and home brewing was mostly a pretty shambolic affair.


    i know it's one of the things I missed in my first few years, so that's why I'm happy discuss these things with others....drop me a line if you are missing your favourite brew,


    John :v_SPIN:

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    Guest Guest75

    Hi John

    Welcome to the forum.


    I'm sure you are onto a popular subject here.


    My mate is an excellent home brewer - he uses a system costing about $800 - keg system with gas.

    Tasted some marvellous stuff!:goofy::goofy:

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