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Be wary of Misleading UK Pension Transfer advertising

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    Just thought that I would post this as I am seeing some very misleading advertising around transferring UK Pensions to Australia.


    This has been going on for a while now but usually behind closed doors at Migaration exhibitions etc.


    However I have now noticed that many Banks are advertising that they offer the UK Pension Transfer service and in particular 1 of the big Banks (which I will not mention) with an A board out the front of their branch with a very MISLEADING statement regarding TAX, of course it has small print underneath but even taking in to account the small print I feel that this is very misleading information to be giving out.


    Just thought that I would post this because I feel there are too many people being ill advised in relation to transferring their UK Pension to Australia without knowing the full facts.


    Transferring your Pension is not something that should be done lightly and certainly not on the back off MISLEADING advertising by Big Brand names.




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