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    hi well when im older i wanna be teacher so i was wondering wat its like and im planning to train in the uk and teach in japan or school of the air and mayb teach in auz but i was wondering wats best to do primary or high school wats it like just everything really

    p.s this will help with plp


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    It all depends what challenges you. High school you have to deal with older children who should know better. But high school teaching in high schools is all about class management, in other words keeping them under control. If you are lucky you may get some excellent pupils, these pupils will give you great job satisfaction when they do well with their studies.


    Primary children tend to love school and the learning experiences and you witness development more easier and class management is minimal. The negative side I found is you have much more work today, schemes of work and lesson plans and earn less money than high school teaching.


    In my opinion I would choose primary education teaching because of the age of the pupils and much easier to teach and handle. More job satisfaction and self rewards. By the way I am now working in the further education sector, which is fantastic. Teaching adults who want to learn, brill, but less money than school teaching.


    Good luck in choosing!

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    i dunno wat i wanna do english would b kwl but i cant spell : )

    i thought bout history and more recently japanese but i love science and im doing physics and pschology next yr so it depends

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