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    We are hoping to move to Adelaide in the New Year without my 2 sons which is bad enough but with the new visa changes i dont want to wait too long before they join us.


    Have sorted my youngest son who is a gas engineer and will have done 4 years by July and his job is on the CSL so will apply for TRA then and he will either wait for visa or come on year visa whilst applying.


    My elder son is a plasterer but doesnt have paper qualifications, i know he can do the AQF III (£1500!) but job not on CSL so will be years before he can join us.


    His partner is at Uni training to be a teacher so this is where my question lies. She still has a year left at Uni then in school for a year, can anybody give any advice on getting a visa as a teacher or trainee teacher? Quicker options as dont think i can stay in Oz too long without my boys. Or maybe i will love it more!!


    They cant come on holiday visa as they have a young child.


    Thanks for any help you can offer

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    Guest Libby1971

    It will be expensive.


    Cazzie will be a good one to ask. Her GTP quals were not recognised here and she had to do more training here in order to be able to teach. My PGCE is recognised. The teacher course lasts 18 months with a couple of short placements.


    If your son's girlfriend completes her course and her NQT year she will be able to teach if she goes back the UK. If she doesn't pass her NQT year, she won't be able to teach in UK anyway. Is she doing a teaching degree?

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    I dont know too much about how it works but yes she is doing a teaching degree.


    Is Cassie on this site?


    Probably just selfish of me as want them over asap, they planned to do it when either she had finally finished he whole course or try and do her final teaching year in Oz but not sure how this would now work with the changes in the visa this September. Basically if you havnt a job sponsor or on the CSL list your visa wont be looked at until end of 2012. My grandaughter is 3 and i would miss her too much.


    Also are you the one on wanted down under (brisbane) who i have spoken to before on this site, if so sorry your probably sick of the question but just asking as we went on the show in July. We did Darwin but then moved on to Adelaide and Brisbane for ourselves

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