On arrival Accomodation

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    Can anyone who has used the on Arrival Accommodation let me know how they got on?

    Although I imagine it’s a lot cheaper than general renting what are the draw backs.

    I personally don’t mind roughing it for a few weeks but I am more concerned about my 15 month old son - Is the accomodation appropriate for such small child. I am mailny concerened with safety also are you sharing bathroom facilities with unknown undesirables.....................



    Any help would be appreciated, horror stories included.




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    Hi Michelle

    I've applied for OAA as my family & I arrive in Adelaide on the 6th Sept. I have not received confirmation that there is any accommodation as yet, but should hear anyday !


    Not all the accommodation has shared facilities, but I am sure someone else will assure of you of that.


    I see it as a 'base' - good luck.



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    Guest dglamoore

    Although the accomodation is basic they are 'proper' houses with you own kitchen, bathrooms etc. Some may have a shared laundry but that is about it :D


    The funniest thing is the white painted breeze block walls but they are a good base to start if you get it :o



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