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Guest Yorkshire lass

Private schools

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    Guest Yorkshire lass

    I have just returned from Adelaide and have looked at St Peters College and Prince Alfred College. Both seem to be very good, but are very different in styles. Does anyone have any hands on info about these schools. Ta:eek:

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    Guest Zippy

    Hi Yorkshire Lass,


    Let me assure you straight-up that either of these schools would be a great choice - they are absolute tops. I assume you mean St Peters College - Boys? (There's a girls' one too in the foothills).


    Just to point out a few differences between them:

    - St Peters College grounds (ie, within the fence of the school) are a lot bigger than PAC's - St's would have about five large football ovals compared to PAC's two or three. PAC still has substantial grounds but they also own lots of playing fields around the city and inner-suburbs, whereas St's has most of theirs on their main campus (owning a couple around the place like PAC).

    - PAC wear maroon uniforms and St's wear blue!

    - Both have "sister schools" - St's girls for St's boys, and Annesley College for PAC

    - PAC is pretty much right in the city, St's is one or two suburbs out of the city

    - I believe St Peter's has more students

    - I would say PAC has the reputation of being the "quiet achiever" whereas St's is a bit more well known (maybe because they are bigger?)


    Really though, they are much of a muchness. There is quite a lot of friendly rivalry between the schools - ie, each term there is a big football match between the two school's best sides - but they would have similar credentials and academic standards.


    All the males in my family went to PAC - they loved it, there was always great support, and I think a couple of them picked up scholarships. PAC is uniting church based (i believe) but has a mix of religions there and I think any religious education is quite minor.


    You may be able to get your son a day to spend at each school and see which he likes more!


    Good luck,




    Sorry Yorkshire lass, I just read that you did already visit them! I wouldn't say their styles are too different - PAC is perhaps a little more conservative and less-known, St's is bigger and has a bit more of an upbeat image. Both great. good luck.

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