Andrew from Vista Financial

First Home Owner Grant boost ending

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    Just thought that I would mention that as of December 31 the First Home Owner Grant Boost will come to an end.


    This has been a great incentive for first time buyers and has seen a huge number enter the market on the back of this.


    So as of the 1st January the Grants will go back to where they were before the boost, which is:


    $7,000 for FHOG for first home.


    $4,000 FHOG Bonus Grant if the property is under $400,000.


    The Bonus Grant gradually reduces until the property price is $450,000 where it phases out completely.


    So potentially $11,000 in Grants if property is under $400,000 and $7,000 if property is over $450,000.





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    Guest KP Nuts

    Not going to even answer this one Andy...... LoL :christmassmilie::christmassmilie::christmassmilie:

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