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One month post (warning long post)

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    Thought I would write this as I know these posts are interesting to people planning the move. It is 1 month since we arrived in Australia and England seems a distant memory of darkness, rain, cold and economic gloom. Obviously having lived in Adelaide before and having made regular trips back over the last 12 years, the journey was nothing new. Last time we flew non-stop to Adelaide (2 night flights) and it was awful – the older I get the harder I find it to sleep on planes, plus the children struggled to sleep, so I got just half an hours sleep on each flight and arrived in Adelaide feeling totally awful. This time we flew with Singapore airlines on the morning flight (11 am out of Heathrow) which gave us a 13 hour wait at Singapore airport before our flight to Brisbane. On the recommendation of people on here we booked a 9 hour slot at the transit hotel and as it was about midnight our time when we got there we had a beautiful 8 hours sleep – bliss! We arrived the next morning in Australia feeling totally normal and not at all tired which was wonderful.

    My main worry on arrival was where I had packed my sunglasses as the sun was so bright!!! We had 8 days on Gold Coast before getting to Adelaide so we could get over our jetlag in comfort (which takes about 3 days). First morning we all woke up at 3 am hungry and wanting our breakfast, by 5am we were walking along the magnificent beach at Broadbeach (the sun rises early in Queensland) and we felt a million miles away from all the stress of the previous few weeks packing everything up. The Gold Coast is a lovely place and I would highly recommend it for a holiday – not sure if I could live there though.

    Since arriving in Adelaide we have sorted out mobile phones and the internet (both with Virgin mobile), reactivated our Medicare cards, bought a car, applied to Centrelink for child tax benefit, visited schools and looked at some rentals. We already have driver’s licenses and have the advantage of knowing our way around (I was always getting lost when I first lived here last time). My son and OH have been to the test match and we have spent some lovely evenings walking on the beach watching the sun go down. We have also managed to catch up with friends and family and to be honest are sick and tired of eating BBQ’d chops and sausages!!! The kids have joined nippers at the surf club and are loving it and with Christmas and my daughter’s birthday next week I have been madly shopping for presents at West Lakes!

    It’s weird but when I lived here before (1994-97) I admit I did struggle with home-sickness and I didn’t really settle even after 3 years. Little things used to irritate me and I can totally empathise with people who are finding things hard. This time our situation is totally different and I feel quite at home, partly because I have so many memories connected to this place. Also PIA has taught me that if your head’s not in the right place and you haven’t got a positive outlook then things will be a struggle. It’s amazing how many things here haven’t changed, however it doesn’t feel as ‘foreign’ as it used to, probably because now there is the internet and cable tv and cheap phone calls which all make it seem less remote. I still don’t know any poms, but the influence of recent arrivals is noticeable as there are many more Indian restaurants and European beers available (definitely a good thing!).

    So no regrets in making the move, even though we are stuck living round the in-laws, the kids are driving us mad and are home until the end of January, we have no jobs yet and probably not until the New Year as everyone is winding down for Xmas, plus we haven’t found a rental yet and we are keeping our money in the UK because of the bad exchange rate !


    Despite all this and the massive effort involved in getting here it feels great to be here at last.

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    Guest mayjess

    What a great post, glad alls going to plan for you all,, we to are hoping that when we return it`l feel like coming home, plus we will appreciate it next time round!!!!



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