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Meals at Royal Adelaide Hospital

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    Guest WoodMartin

    Not sure if this is the right place for this Q, but here goes....


    Just wondering if anyone has worked/works or been a patient at the RAH? I have a meeting there tomorrow (Nutrition/Food/Catering dept) and am after a bit of a lowdown on the food provision... I've got info from their website, and the internet in general, but some first hand comments are always helpful! Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.


    Really I'm wondering about the food served, my only recent experience (touch wood) of hospital food is in the UK. I suspect it's going to be very similar, but just in case...

    Do the medical/admin workers get meals too, or is it purely for patients?

    What are some of the menu items, eg pasta? curry? pie?

    What's the general opinion?


    Thanks in advance, feel free to PM me if you'd rather.



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    The food in the hospital is mainly for the patients, but I have seen to staff eating pre-ordered salads and sandwiches which were not required by the patiens, eg. they had been discharged.

    My husband has been a patient many times over the past two years. He is not a fussy eater and eats well at home. Except for the sandwiches he considers the meals awful, barely edible. They are never more than luke warm and taste unpalatable.

    The worst part is the liquids, he cannot drink the tea as it tastes so bad, and has Milo. This applies to the ward meals only, and is no criticism of the catering ward staff, who are nearly always cheerful.

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