Hazel M

online visa app - prob a silly question but...

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    on the page about your family members, it's split into 3 parts, Migrating dependants, Non-migrating dependants and Other family members.


    In the 'Other Family Members' section, is it necessary to put down my & husbands parents details as well as our siblings, even though they are nothing to do with the visa app???? :confused:

    Have filled in the rest but just wondering if this bit is required.



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    Guest The Dimmocks

    We had to put our siblings down. Did use an agent but remember filling that bit in on a form. Also moms, dads, step dads. Relationship status of all. My family looks a right one on there LOL.


    I not sure why they need all that information but you never know someone might have a wanted person in their family.

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