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    Now I know that this has been done before but I heard a very funny name on the radio this morning said by a newsreader in a report.





    I can't believe the Newsreader didn't even react in the slightest, very professional.



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    So that link seems to be broken.


    Here was the news report.


    New Delhi, December 20: Delhi Chief Minister Sheila DikS**t Sunday admitted to being nervous about preparations for the Commonwealth Games (CWG) scheduled to take place in the capital next year.


    "I am still not comfortable... nervous. But the work will be done," DikS**t told a news channel after attending a meeting of the Group of Ministers (GoM) here. The GoM now meets regularly to keep an eye on the progress of the preparations for the games which will take place inDelhi Oct 3-14.

    Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) president Michael Fennell Saturday said the persisting delay in the construction of games venues was "distressing".


    Fennell was particularly worried about the delay in the construction of the S.P. Mukherjee Swimming Complex and the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the latter to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games.


    "We have continuously received assurances on the delivery timelines of these projects, but to hear that there would be more delays is distressing. These delays will have a significant impact on the OC's (Organising Committee) operational planning, particularly in relation to the conduct of the test events and the overlay installations," he said.


    Fennell warned the committee that there should be no further delays and it should maintain the pace at which the work is progressing.



    Anyway, made me chuckle.

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