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Newbie coming in April

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    Guest Ant1382 and kerry

    Hello there im new to this so be patient.:huh:


    Im coming out to Adelaide in April to start with the Police, im doing my training at Fort Largs and then after this training in July my family which is my wife and two children, 4 years and 1 year will be joining me...:jiggy:

    At the moment i don't know where i will be stationed however i will be giving preferences to pick from anywhere in South Australia!!!!!!


    Im after any advice in relation to places to live and work dont need to be in the same area, im happy to travel up to an hours drive to work, my main concerns are schooling for my kids as if they are happy i am!! i will be renting short term first with the intention of finding a long term once i know the right area im looking in the Murray Mallie area from Murray bridge to Renmark initially however further towards Gawler would be nice to know about


    Any advice would be great in relation to anything really, ive gained a lot of information of this site already however every little bit helps.


    I look forward to your replies

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    Good luck witht he move from the UK to SAPOL.

    Advice would give you is , "think before you offer Country".

    Having had the chance to go Country we went and had a look, its certainly not the Cotswolds and nothing like emerdale. The difference between what you think it will be like and what it is, is worlds apart.

    Take your time to explore and try to hold off on saying Ill go Country. My advice would be ask for metro as its easier to change to Country than the other way round. At least your not then trapped into a posting that the wife and kids my not like.

    Largs is a strange place and not sure what your background is, but its 10 weeks and then you can hit the floor

    ALl the best its a roller coaster of a ride

    Good luck

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