I need a good Osteopath

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    Does anyone have any contacts or know of a good Osteopath. I'm due for a seeing to on my back (it's really seizing up now) as I used to go to my osteopath in the UK every 6 months to keep on top of it.


    I'm in agony, please help


    Zoe x

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    Just thought I'd let everyone know in case you're looking for an osteopath in the future that I went to see a very nice chap on monday called Martin Matthews (originally from the UK) and he is based on Greenhill Road just off Anzac Highway (quite near the city). After an initial consultation he treated my back and I have to go back on friday for further treatment but hopefully it should all be on the mend after that.


    Would definitely recommend this Osteopath.


    This is his website...



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