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    Hi to all, just wondering if there is anyone out in the sticks of poms that are going through the application process now, and how long you have had to wait for things to start moving, i've completed up to the main application point, if there are any plumbers out there doing the vetassess assessment dont worry its a doddle, i was having eggs up to the point of the assessment, and once i got started i flew through it, i also was very late due to my gearbox blowing up on me on the way to Accrington, so i didnt start until 12-30, and the assessor is really good, so guys and maybe girls DONT WORRY, like i did.:arghh: We are looking at getting state sponsorship for South Oz, even though we are applying for 175 at the moment, HELP if you can lead us in the right direction, is there any plumbers out in South Oz working that can let me know how your getting on, what's it like working in extreme conditions.

    We are a family of 4 ME, Amanda my wife and my 2 daughters 9-12, we are looking at area's and it would be helpful if anyone could tell us of the nice area's in and around Adelaide with good schools etc that we should be looking at.

    Thanks Gary.;)

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