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    Guest vicbob

    Got our reccie booked for end of Feb. Just wondered if anyone has any tips. We have only got 5 days so need to cram in a fair bit if we can. Would like to get to have a look at a few properties just to get a feel of what is about. We are staying down in Christies beach, which is roughly the area we are looking, so if anyone can suggest the best agents to contact that would be great. Have looked at all the usual websites, but you cant beat reccomendations.

    Also, anything we shouldn't miss while we are there, I want to make a good impression on the other half;);), food, wine etc etc, make her not want to come home..........................................or at least go back as soon as possible:)

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    Guest BinLangley

    Hi and good luck with the reccy.


    O.k. we're no experts but have visited Adelaide twice previous; the last time was 3 weeks in July '09 to do exactly what your about to do. We're on a permanent visa by the way.

    Our own opinion without a shadow of a doubt is go for a rental and don't jump in to a mortgage and get tied down with the added pressure believe us, there will be enough to concern yourselves' with without that.


    We're only just up the road in Sheidow Park which is clean and quiet.

    If it's your first time in Oz then you'll be pleasently supprised by the lack of criminal damage compared to what you experience in the U.K. although there is quite a bit of gang graffiti in some areas.

    We've been to Melbourne (nickname Gotham City) and its far worse.


    We've only had time to visit 4 beaches around Adelaide and the're all nice but Christies Beach is a cracker.

    Hallett Cove beach is rocky but is clean quiet has barbie areas and a nice cafe and is five minutes from us.


    Renatals are very competitive, look on line at (I think) buy an Adelaide street map ('09s currently discounted in the post office) and drive around the area your interested. Pick several that you fancy then contact the estate/letting agent. They will tell you when the property is open to view.

    You'll then have between 10-30 minutes to look around the property and there will be lots of people there doing exactly the same. Try and get a ref. from where you are currently staying or an employer and write a nice letter to the landlord explaining why they should pick you as the tenant and give this to the estate agent.


    Do this several times and don't be too dissapointed if you don't get an offer straight away. If your ultimately unsuccessful talk to the estate agent and ask them what you could have done to improve your chances.


    Hope this helps and good luck.



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    Wine has to be McLaren Vale, Barossa or the Clare....all very very nice...




    ...or the Adelaide Hills! We're pretty spoilt for wine choices down here in SA!!

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    Guest kangomik

    5 days wow that's not long at all.


    Mt Lofty (start here ). Barrossa or Mclaren Vale,

    Lobethal+ Hahndorf+Gorge wildlife park all in one day.

    The houses, view some new, and view some old, this will be over a sat sun for best options.

    The beaches, start south and do a couple.

    Visit Glenelg and the City and Marion shopping Centre in the same day, just so you know whats about.

    Take a quick peek at cars, you will need something with wheels at some point.

    The find your hobby/ intrests and have a look around at what is available.


    Visit the Tapp Inn for a drink and walk round, maybe some food (you need to book for Birdy's)

    Try the local pub hotel in the area you want to stay in and see what the food is like.

    Grab some snags and have a BBQ in the park with a loaf of bread!


    If there is any time left your a faster driver than me.

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    Guest Janine3979



    We went in september and a good place to go is Adelaide festival centre, it's in the city centre and there's a good range of shows etc on, and it's by the river. We didn't go to any shows as we have children but behind the centre is the river with boats to hire during the day, it's a beautiful place to go in the city.

    Also if she likes animals you could visit the gorge wildlife park and the big rocking horse in one day as they are quite close together, at gorge wildlife park there are certain times of the day you can hold the koalas, I'd ring and check the times though as we went quite late in the day and had missed it, there is also an area you can walk through to feed the wallabies and kangaroos. The big rocking horse is just as good for adults as it is for kids, they also have an animal area where all the animals are lose and you walk around feeding them.


    Good luck

    The Gibsons

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    Guest cornish Busdriver

    5 days for a reecie is no-where near long enough as you will still be in holiday mode.

    Pick up a copy of the advertizer when you land and check out house viewing or go to a few realesate agents to get an idea of house and rental prices here.

    Try and arange to go and see employers here in your field of work for a chat.

    But the best way is to go to the local pub and chat to the Aussie locals not poms and they will tell you straight about the area and what lifes acually like here as aussies like to chat (a lot).

    Make sure you take time though to enjoy yourselves as theres lots to see and do here but no-way would you manage to fit it in 5 days.

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