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    Guest betty22



    We are Nick, Liz Kizzy and Poppy and we have been here since Feb 05 on the good old SIR Visa.


    We were one of the first ones in and are now just puting in the application for PR.


    This visa was so new nobody had a clue when we first came here so we have found out loads and achieved even more!!


    Don't ever be put off by having to go down the SIR route it isnt a problem having a temporary (sorry they have changed the words to provisional) visa.


    If you are from a reciprical country YOU DO get medicare and yes you can buy a house. we bought our first one 3 days after arriving.

    Any subsequent property has to be new. and yes we got that as well.


    The only things that you dont get is the homebuyers grant and family tax credit. So thats not bad.

    We have had a great couple of years and long may it continue .

    The kids and us are well happy and we wouldnt ever contemplating moving back. This is our home for good.


    Good luck to you all if you need any info regarding SIR please ask.

    As soon as we get an answer to our PR I will post all the relevant info

    All the best

    The Grices

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    Guest dglamoore

    mmmmm those names ring a bell :wink: :lol: :lol:


    Welcome to the forum and nice to see you guys here :D Saw your rental on tv yesterday on Wanted Down Under - very nice!


    Will be great to have an establised SIR body on board :D



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