Hello . . . again! :D

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    Hello everyone,


    I signed up to PIA quite a while ago and haven't been on since June, so I thought I would reintroduce myself! It's been a mad year and me and the OH can't wait to get out to Adelaide. Until recently we thought we would be in the UK for another 2 years at least, but we have decided to make a few changes and will now be coming out in June!

    We bought a piece of land in Two Wells last time we were out there and want to be there for when the contract goes through. We are so excited and hope to meet some of you when we get over there. June seems so far away right now, especially with the weather as it is! But I'm sure it will go quickly.

    Look forward to hearing from you!! :)





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    Guest doje6863
    Hey mate,


    Glad to see you will taking the plunge early!! Beers up!


    Where is Two Wells?




    Im sure Two Wells is up Gawler way. Sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong!



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    Hi Chris and Lucy

    I use a kennels up at Two Wells run by a lovely couple called Darryl and Cheryl. There seems to be a great community feel about the place (when we picked the dog up one time I stopped at the village shop to ask directions, and everyone in there was so friendly and helpful) so I'm sure you'll be welcomed by all the locals. Cheryl used to work at a vets in Wynn Vale - now I think she's at a different one - and said the commute down Port Wakefield road was a really easy one. Not sure where you'll be working, but hope that helps anyway.


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