Gained a Nursing Job Interview. I am not a Nurse. Bit Confused ?????

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    I have been given a telephone job interview for this Monday 08:00 a.m. Adelaide time.


    This is where I get confused. I have been aware of this interview coming up for Glenside Hospital for months now. This interview was via a Recruitment Agency called Randstad. Via the Recruitment Agency's correspondence I assumed it was just a chat about what opportunities they may have for me because of the improvements being currently developed at Glenside Hospital . Thats the impression I gained from previous correspondence from them.


    Yesterday I received an e-mail stating that the telephone job interview is for a post of a Mental Health Nurse Level 1 within 1G Lyell McEwin Hospital and a NUM Ms Howell is conducting the interview. Eh? Where has this come from??? What happened to Glenside Hospital Interview??? What does 1G Mean ??? NUM ???


    I have always been involved within the Health & Social Sector, some of the jobs I have done are the following: Care Manager of Home Care, Manager of several Small Residential Mental Health Homes also Learning Disabilities, Senior Community Care Manager in Disabilities. Health & Social Lecturer & Tutor & Teacher & Trainer. University external moderator for the examination board of Health & Social Care exams. Trainer. Been a Prison Teacher and Special Needs Teacher. A Homelessness Housing Manager. Also I have managed Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Homes. I have a Masters in Project Management and my Degree is in Health Studies, I have also gained my Further Education Teaching Qualifications. So you can guess that I have vast amounts of experience within the various fields of Health & Social Care and the relevant qualifications to back it up.


    This is my confusion. I have never worked in an hospital setting and I dont have any actual Nursing experience or any of the Nursing qualifications. Nearest thing I have to Nursing is that I have taught Palliative Care, Moving and Handling Techniques and Safe Handling of Medicines to Nursing students.


    I was wondering because of my skills, knowledge and experiences do you think this job interview is for a Nursing post and that the Central Northern Adelaide Health Service are willing to train me up to be a Nurse.


    As stated above the interviewer will be NUM Ms Howell - What does NUM stand for?


    I am aware that there is a shortage of Nurses in Australia so do you think that this job involves me training to be a Mental Health Nurse, Level 1. Is Level 1 in Nursing a training level, also what is the salarly for that level.

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    Right a level 1 IS a nursing grade, it is for those who are new graduates up to and sometimes beyond 9 years of experience!


    1G would be the ward or department at the Lyall Mcewan hospital.

    NUM===nursing unit manager, i think.


    I suspect some poor soul has just seen your qualifications in HEALTH, and not recognised the fact there isnt a NURSING degree in all of that!!!!, and sort of assumed everything else is secondary to gaining the RN qualification.


    Im afraid you will have to talk to either the London or Adelaide office and clarify the skills base you have, and be very specific about your area of expertise!!


    Sadly, sometimes, with the very close links to the health sector that you have, an inexperienced eye may not realise that you have qualified in health sector management; some nurses here follow into your specialist field after graduating from Uni, and i expect that the office here has gotten a bit confuddled.


    As for training salary......i dont think there is one, as such, most training is university based, with placement to clinical areas, so YOU would be paying for training............


    Hope it all works out for you.



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    Guest Guest5035

    I would also think that Randstad have not looked at your experience, had a vacancy come onto their books and just put you down as a candidate. email Randstad.



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