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help help urgently Hairdressing training

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    Guest gina&alan

    Help Help further implications after having spoken to immigration advisor today.


    Gina is 43 in april 23rd, we are coming to adelaide on a student visa for 2 years for her to train in a hairdressing college and then apply for PR before the age of 45,


    But immigration policies changed a couple of weeks ago and now she must do a years work experience before she can apply for PR.


    Therefore this takes her over the age of 45 and cannot apply for Pr or any other visa for that matter.


    What she would then need is a sponsored job offer from a hair salon otherwise we are going home after spending our life savings to fund this.


    Do you think this would be possible to do, or would it really be a struggle to find a sponsor.


    Alan is over the age of 45 and cannot get us in at all.


    This is our very last chance as we have tried every other avenue.


    Thanks for looking and awaiting your responce as our decision has to be this week

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    I applied for an 857 PR visa and got it at the age of 48. I had been here for 3 months on a 457 (temp) and my work sponsored me for this visa (Registered nurse). You can apply for exception on age grounds (and some other grounds) on certain visas. The 857 is a regional visa and means that I have to stay with my employer (and in Adelaide) for 2 years. When you have finished your hairdressing course, you should be able to find work on a temp visa and then perhaps ask your employer to sponsor you with the exception for age? They would have to say that they could not find any other suitable applicants of a younger age. I do not know all of your cirumstances so do not know whether you would qualify/ meet the criteria but it could be worth looking into.

    Best of luck


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    I am not that familiar with the sponsored visa cant answer that I'm afraid. But i notice someone else has said that the employer would have to prove that they couldnt take anyone on any younger? That would be my concern...


    And to be quite honest with you....if you want to train as a decent hairdresser, dont do it here...costs a fortune and only good hairdressers i have come across in my 4 years here are english...


    Good luck

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