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    We are launching a live TV show "Your Net Prophet" on The first show is to go out on Wednesday 10th February @ 9.00 am (South Australia Time). There will be 26 one hour shows broadcast each Wednesday initially.


    As part of our ongoing commitment to the migrant community (I recently arrived here in August from the UK), we have made the decision to dedicate a whole show during our first 26 week run to the people overseas who are on the path to migrating to Australia and to those who have recently arrived.


    With this in mind, I would be most grateful if you could post your questions/concerns regarding: buying a property; superannuation; life insurance; personal/car finance; business finance; investments; pension transfers; or any other topics that spring to mind.


    The link to the show is here: and for those of you in the uk, don't worry, because a webcast will be available after the show that can be viewed at anytime.


    We hope that the show will become an invaluable assett to our friends on PIA and thank you in advance for your questions/feedback.



    Kind Regards



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    Guest Guest75

    I'm surprised Howard.


    Must be loads of questions to ask from the newer arrivals???:idea:

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    Guest Guest5035

    They're all shy or hiding from someone in the UK, (all ex cons) !!! ????



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