Hope for those in broadband blackspots

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    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere...


    If you're stuck for broadband where you live (Hallett Cove is a prime example) then there's now a second possibility.


    Internode have had a Naked-only ADSL service up and running for over a year now which pushes more power down the line to make the data travel further - up to 7.5km they reckon. We have this service and are 6.6km from the exchange; we get 2.5MBps which is more than enough.


    However, Adam have just launched a new service (Adam MAX) that uses WiMAX. WiMAX is effectively a high powered wireless service that has a sweetspot at around 1.5Km from whichever tower you're pointed at. You need line of sight to a tower and the closer you get the faster you speed will be. Adam reckon 10-ish mbps for the sweetspot but you may get more if you're a little closer. The tower at Sheidow Park is definitely operational and there's 3 more in the area that are awaiting provisioning, as of last week.


    Pop your address details in the link below and see if you're one of the lucky ones.




    In addition to offering a fairly reasonably-priced service (which includes VOIP service and hardware), the Australian Broadband Guarantee means that the government may also subsidise the setup costs (ranging from $50-300, depending on contract length), meaning you're up and running for zero outlay. The details are on the site but you'll need to prove you cannot get broadband service from another provider.


    Good luck!



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