tumble dryer and few other bits to go

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    Hi thought i would post em here for anyone interested before i advertise elsewhere,


    have a westinghouse 5kg tumble dryer for sale, less than 2 years old, currently price at good guys is $535 am asking $250


    sharp plain paper fax/phone, think we paid $99 for it, used only a handful of times $25


    dog training crate, used for about 4 months when training our lab its a pretty big one, i think prob the 36 inch one but will measure it tomorrow and get back to u with exact size $25



    all in good condition


    will have some more items for sale over the coming weeks including a house if anyone wants it:biglaugh:


    we are in seaford and can be collected anytime:) if u want a pic let me know and i will get some sorted


    Dawn x

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    Tumble dryer now sold




    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a tumble dryer my OH thinks I'm mad to use our, wonder if he will think the same if he didn't have fluffy towels:biglaugh:


    Hope you sell your other bits soon x

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