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Sale of Goods Act

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    Is there an equivalent of the UK Sale of Goods Act here? You know the one about goods purchased being "fit for purpose"?

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    SA is covered by the Fair Trading Act 1987 (South Australian Legislation)


    You can read about consumer protection at: OCBA - Consumer protection


    You have a consumer right to:


    • honest and accurate information to help you decide which goods or services to purchase


    • a fair and reasonable contract when you purchase goods and services


    • goods and services that are:

        • of merchantable quality
        • free from faults or defects
        • fit for the purpose,
        • and match the description or sample given.




    • redress if you have a problem with something you have bought. Possible remedies include a refund, repair, replacement or resupply of services


    • claim compensation where you suffer a loss caused by a product or service.

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