Guest cbeeb

announcement made about general skilled migration

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    Hi All


    All the Aussie newspapers are carrying the story that cbeeb has highlighted.


    DIAC chose a Sunday to put their information onto their website:


    What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration


    The Minister is making a major speech at the moment (00:22 in the UK.) The MIA has a representative at the meeting so more news is likely to emerge via the forums in the next 24 to 72 hours or so, as more of the detail is revealed.


    On British Expats, George Lombard has been advising strongly that prospective new applicants should do nothing until the new SOL is released. He is advising everyone just to sit tight for the time being and let us see what will emerge during the next few months.


    Immigration, Visas & Citizenship : British Expat Discussion Forum


    It does not take genius to work out that Vetassess cancelled their visit to the UK in February because they knew that this announcement would be made and presumably they decided that they were not prepared to have people moaning at them when the people who might have taken their Vetassess practicals in Feb 2010 are now in total disarray.


    The Minister's latest plans - Plan D - is his fourth new Plan in the last 15 months and further changes are expected later in 2010.


    Poms in Oz - the parent forum to this one - has only been working intermittently in the last 6 hours or so. Problems with the PiO server have meant that British Expats has most of the known information so far.





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    Guest rockpool crab

    Jeez..that's quite scarey..sounds like they'll be cutting back on those visa's then. Although these things always take time to implement.


    I am not working in the area I'd hoped, nor is my husband, but we are both working so that better fulfil the permanent visa when I apply this December..jeez..bloomin ages away.


    Didn't realise it was already up on the gov. webste..looks like it's being implemented then.

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    We got our 175 application submitted to the DIAC on 5th Feb so just beat the deadline although whether that turns out to be a good thing or not in the long run, we'll just have to wait and see.



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    Guest cliveost

    Hi all,


    What happens if you have not applied for a visa yet. We are just starting the process and have the IELTS test to do and ANMC skills recognition to do before we apply. We were hoping to apply for the visa in May 2010. The visa we are applying for is the State sponsored 176. My OH is a nurse and is the main applicant.


    My Question is do we just carry on with the process or do we have to wait till the government has sorted its self out?:unsure:


    Thanks, Clive

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    This is for students not people with trades or ocupations already so for 99% of us on here it should make no difference.

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