Guest mOZzy

3 months update!

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    Guest mOZzy

    i guess it's our turn for an update!

    I really can't believe that we actually hit the 3 months hurdle!!

    and what an adventure it was so far ....


    we've started the whole process back in feb 2007, received our visa in may 2008 - but we couldn't sell our house so had to stay put.

    after one fallen through sale (guy wanted us to knock 40k off the price a day before signing the contracts - yeah right!) - we were patient for 15 months and almost through it all in.

    actually we were about to take the house off the market and wait another year but the next day we got an offer we could actually accept!


    then as you all know the real stress began lol


    flights (=date!), shippers, dh to hand his notice in and empty the house!!!

    we moved in with my mil for the last 2 months - and then finally our day was here!!!!!!

    all that time i wasn't really excited or worried or anything; i just went on with things to do and wanted it all to be over with.


    despite our plan not having any family at the airport they all (well, dh's family anyways - i said goodbye to mine a few weeks earlier abroad) -

    came to see us off; unexpected but actually quite nice :)

    we decided on the late night flight with singapore airlines, had a stop over for 6 hours in singapore and travelled on to Adelaide!


    without any problems we received our hire car, found our way to our short term rental and were welcomed by the very lovely owner Tyke (can't thank you enough for everything you did for us!)


    we had a very great start to our adventure and managed to fit in lots of things in the first few weeks.

    the normal things like medicare, mobile phones, drivers licence (i had to get mine translated but even that was without any problems!), tfn (online), bank accounts - everyone was just so helpful and everything was quite straight forward and easily done!


    dh managed to buy a car really quickly (private seller) - unfortunately we had an accident a week later but again, the services showed up within a few minutes and everything was handled with a joke (policeman lol), and great care!

    (someone called the accident in [we were stranded in the middle of a huge crossing], ambulance turned up 2min later [my first thoughts: 'oh bummer, that will be a huge bill'!!! - but it turns out that's covered by the insurance] - oh yes, we were fully insured!!!)

    talked to everyone and checked the kids (everyone was fine), police came 2min later: again very laid back and just took details really and made sure that everyone was allright; then the towtruck arrived 5min later and our car was gone!!!!!!!!!! - turned out to be a write off 'eeek'

    and a great friend came to pick us up asap!!! - phew, what a start!


    dh got us another car the very next day (again private) - it's rather daunting being without a car!


    anyways, when you arrive and don't have a rental lined up already, or not for too long (we had ours for 3 weeks) - do start looking for a new rental asap!

    there are heaps out there, but it takes some looking to find one that suits you. we were just surprised what state some were in!!!

    pure luck (word of mouth really and pia!) helped us to get our current rental! - so finally time to relax a bit and take a breath :)


    next step: kids! - we ended up in Hallett Cove and looked at all the local schools/kindies - arranged tours with the ones we liked and with no hassle at all got the kids each into their prefered school/kindy!


    next step: job for dh! he went to it straight away really. but we just arrived in november that didn't help us there. over xmas most companies closed down and nobody was looking for new employees.

    he's an electrician so we knew at some points he'd have to do his A-licence (oz wiring rules) - so i signed him up for a home study course (because we missed the last one and again, they were not open over xmas) - that didn't go so well, and finally we managed to get him a place on the course at the centre.

    5 days in total and he's not the proud owner of an A-licence! - this should help alot with further job hunting!

    he also signed up with a few agencies, but most it seems they just need heads on their books which is rather disappointing.

    but one came through and got him some temp work at least - 2 weeks for a started!

    again, it's true what you hear. since you can't really prove what you can do it's more helpful that you know someone who can confirm that.

    talk to lots of people and get your network up and running!

    he's got quite a few possibles now with his licence - so that'll keep him busy for the next few days :)


    what else to tell you?

    besides all the necessary things to do we obviously tried to fit family time in as well.

    we went to the beach a few times (not as often as i thought we would, but it can be either too hot or too cold lol) - so just go around some friends house and stay inside!

    it's great when you can drive onto the beach and just unload all your stuff right in front of you! - that's what we did for christmas day; spent it on the beach which was rather surreal!

    there are a few adventure playgrounds around the city which are great for the kids; national parks are lovely and a good day out.


    our kids are deffinitly enjoying it more here! and we just love it and should have done it much sooner!!!

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    Guest angiestaff

    well done for all you've achieved over the last few months, it certainly seems like a crazy time when you first arrive doesn't it? lol


    we were also surprised on how little that we have been to the beach, i think when ur stuck back home in a cold, wet n miserable uk you think you'd be at the beach every day if you could (it's just nice knowing that it's there!)


    just enjoy each day at a time, accept the lows (missing people/familiar things), and embrace change and new things cos this place has a lot going for it (why else would we be here!! ;))


    ange x

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    Thats great Susi I am so glad things rea finally going your way! You have a had a tuff 3 months what with cas and no work and I really pleased for you!


    Lets hope things continue in the right direction!



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