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    Guest melj71


    I've been here 18 months or so I came out, from North Devon in Sept 08 to marry my husband, Just wondering if there's anyone near me who would like to meet up for a coffee and a chat as I haven't met many ppl and as I have had a baby boy 7 wks ago it's difficult to get out as much as i would like.


    Me - 38..Husband -38

    Daughter - 18..Son - 8

    Baby 7 weeks

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    Hya you ok


    We live about 15-20mins from Port Adelaide, we in Northern Suburbs, Salisbury.

    Can meet for a cuppa if you fancy, or you could pop up to mine, I f your interested i'll send you my address.


    I have a teenager and 8yr old and 2yr old , so plenty in common to start with.


    So if u fancy meeting up, i'll send u my personal details and organise something.


    Take care

    Nikki x

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