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Guest mavrick

migration issue, office work or plumbing work.

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    Guest mavrick

    Hello all im new on here,

    over the past me and my wife have often talked about what it would be like to go live and work in Australia, it has got to the point now were we are thinking it may be to late me 40 this year and my wife 44 with a 4 year old little girl, however were i work, which is in an office (admin) with oracle skills (no certificates) is not recognized on the Aus occupational skills list, however i am seriously contemplating on retraining to become a plumber, i know it will be a very costly long hard and physical road to go down but will be worth it in the end, basically is there anybody out there who could give me any info on shall i retrain in plumbing or try and gain the relevant qualifications in oracle,this would be purley based on us getting into Aus and to further a career, also office based work compared to plumbing work in Aus (Adelaide), what would the difference be in annual salaries, all info is greatly appreciated.

    it hasn’t stopped raining all day:sad:

    what a great site.

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