5 week update

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    Hi been in in Adelaide 5 weeks and think it's great!!!!.


    took it easy the first couple of weeks and then had a mad panic about rentals. Had short term rental in Christies Beach through KP Rentals which was really nice and felt like home almost immediately. Thanks Liz who was really helpful.

    Secured a rental in Christies Beach in the next street through a rental company who I would probably not use again given the choice or it may be the way things work here. Moved in last week with no electric and obviously no furniture but feel more at home now. Jason started work last week. Was offered 3 jobs (2 of which we had spoken to from UK) and got a car for $900. Met some really nice people here off the forum and can't get over how friendly everybody is. No grunts at the checkout and really polite teenagers. Think some of the stuff is really reasonably priced and some stuff expensive but swings and roundabouts.

    Only had one low in the last five weeks so far and that was day after we moved in with no leccie and putting photos up of freinds at home so don't think that is too bad really.

    phoebe starting occasional care next week and Charlie starting school finally. did not want to put him in school until we knew where we were definately staying.

    Been out on a social night at the surf club and been to play n fun a couple of times, which we thoroughly enjoyed. If anybody else up for meetingup, give us a shout.


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    Guest ems

    Hi Niki.


    Glad to see ur settling in well. Congrats to Jason for getting a job sorted so quickly,some people find that really difficult.

    Hope u continue enjoying life down under and good luck for the future.

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