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Rental Swap - avail 4 bed with inground pool

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    Guest steph&neil


    wanted to be the feelers out for anyone looking for a move or ending there tenancy in the brighton school zone.

    we are in a spacious 4 bed house in Novar Gardens, 2 bath, 2 lounge, decking & in ground pool, about to have a new kitchen fitted as well as parking for upto 6 cars.

    We are looking for a rental in the Brighton Secondary Zone. We would like 3 or 4 bedrooms, modern & a pool would be a bonus!

    if you are interested or know of anything coming up please pm me!

    We are leasing here until May but can break or extent our lease. We have been here for almost 2 years, lovely safe area, pretty street & our back garden has a gate with access straight on to the Immanuel oval - which the tennants are free to use!

    We dont really want to move but, kids needs as usual come before us!

    Please pm me Steph x

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    Guest steph&neil
    Sorry can't help but just wanted to wish you good luck x

    I heard Brighton do scholarships for volleyball or music?


    thanx my daughter is trying out for the volleyball, she has been playing for 2 years & is quiet good (2 silvers 1 gold) but there are so few places that I want to make sure! also my son won a scholarship & now goes to St Peters woodlands in Glenelg (yr 3) so it makes more sense for us to live round there! thanx for you support hopefully something will come up! I spoke to the agents & they are also on the look out for us just want to cover all bases! steph x

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