Hazel M

How long should we allow for the medical details to arrive in adelaide?

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    Well, first off, YAYYYYYYYY, after my post the other day wondering how long it would take - we got our case officer assigned yesterday and had the email requesting meds etc!:o


    But :huh: stupidly didn't realise there'd be a time limit on how long they would give us to send the bits and bobs back to them to process in Adelaide, so it looks like Ive got around 6 weeks to lose as much weight as possible to reduce my rather high at the mo BMI!!! SO..... how long does it usually take for the people in Adelaide to recieve meds through the post (if they are in fact posted.... just wondering how late we can leave it to have them done (to shed as many lbs as poss!!)


    And one last thing, do they tell you that you have passed the medical requirement soon after receipt of the details, or do you assume if you hear nothing that you have passed and wait for the visa to be granted. (We are a bit reluctant to sell our house til we know we have passed meds !!)


    Thanks in advance as usual



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