Reality Kicking In

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    oh my!

    reality is kicking in, i am actually going to be leaving

    i quite terrified

    everything i own is getting sold

    i wont have a job


    agh the joys


    please reasure me in telling me it will be all worth while


    been looking around at call centre work to get me started off, whats the chances of telephone interviews so i can get stright to work? or am i better giving myself a chance to settle in?


    will i be able to drive? or will i have to sit a new test?


    will i be able to transfer my pension over?


    so many questions :confused:

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    I am sure you will be fine and yes it is scary but exciting.

    Driving licence you can just trasfer over at the office and cost $27 a year for your licence.


    Jobs - You could try looking for work before hand but not many companies will consider you at least until you have a date of entry. I have not had to have my skills assesed over here but there are people on here who can help with that.


    Pension yes can be transfered again there folks on here who can help with that. Have a search through the forum and see what info you cna find there is loads.


    Is it worth it? YES YES YES for me and my family anyway.


    Good luck


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